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Select a size:

$175.00:  Small Keepsake or Infant Urn: This small delicately crafted urn can vary to hold up to 8 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches, and measures approximately 3 – 5 inches tall and 3 – 4 inches wide

$195.00: Sharing, Small or Pet Urn: Is a 100 cubic inch capacity urn measuring approximately 7 – 9 inches tall and 5 – 6 inches wide

$395.00:  Individual or Standard Size Urn:  Is a 200 cubic inch capacity urn measuring approximately 9 to 10 inches tall and 7-8 inches wide

$535.00: Companion or Extra Large Urn:  This urn could be used for co-mingling ashes or if an extra large urn is needed.   This urn is 400 cubic inch capacity and measures approximately 11 – 12 inches tall to 9 – 10 inches wide



This urn is typically made from black walnut wood. The urn is one solid piece of wood, plus the lid, crafted on a wood lathe by artist Robert Woods. The urn is sealed with an advanced urethane finish, enhancing its durability while preserving the wood.

Note: The urn you receive will be a signed original piece of art. The image shown here is meant to be a representation of the style. Your one-of-a-kind urn will vary slightly from the image due to natural variations in the wood. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.