Your gift to me arrived today. Yes, I paid a fee for an urn, and the pictures are good, but I am in awe at the beauty of this piece. There is a lot of love in that piece. The natural beauty and the way you brought out the grain, well it’s art!

I have decided that after my family spreads my ashes, in a location that my daughter and I have many happy memories of in Hawaii. I am going to donate this piece to my home town church in Michigan. When my father’s ashes we placed in the hole in the memorial garden, they were simply dumped from a plastic bag. Your treasure will become available to any member of the church who would like to use it. Your gift to me will go on giving.

Thank you so much for sharing your work with my family!

– Michael
Lexington, Kentucky


We are honored to provide our clients with Robert Woods urns that are crafted so beautifully that families can honor their loved one with a true art piece, and not a mass-produced cookie-cutter container. Having a selection of Robert Woods urns demonstrates to our client families that we care enough about them to have the best products available.

– Dale Groce
Groce Funeral Home & Cremation Service
Asheville, NC

As someone with deep roots in the area funeral business, I am thrilled to see a local artist create urns that use native wood and are hand turned.  How nice to be able to honor a loved one by making their urn a unique piece of art. Robert and Cathy have found a great niche, and it has been a true pleasure doing business with them.

– Spencer Sword
Asheville Vault Service, Inc.
Candler, NC

DogAt a time of great sadness with the passing of our Jeannie, the urn that Robert made for her captured her color, stunning beauty and femininity. We wanted a special urn, a one of a kind, just like Jeannie and were comforted by it being just for her and representing her with grace and beauty. As many know, we tend to have a lot of animal companions here at Gallant Oaks. Robert will forever be the artist of their resting place. Thank you again, Robert!– Valerie Vessey
Gallant Oaks
Brooksville, FL