Tranquility Wooden Urn

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$185.00:  Small Keepsake or Infant Urn: This small delicately crafted urn can vary to hold up to 8 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches, and measures approximately 3 – 5 inches tall and 3 – 4 inches wide

$225.00: Small Urn: Is a 100 cubic inch capacity urn measuring approximately 7 – 9 inches tall and 5 – 6 inches wide

$425.00:  Individual or Standard Size Urn:  Is a 200 cubic inch capacity urn measuring approximately 9 to 10 inches tall and 7-8 inches wide

$575.00: Companion or Extra Large Urn:  This urn could be used for co-mingling ashes or if an extra large urn is needed.   This urn is 400 cubic inch capacity and measures approximately 11 – 12 inches tall to 9 – 10 inches wide

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This natural-looking, wooden urn is typically crafted from maple (but could be custom crafted in other woods the artist has available upon request of the customer). This urn is made from one solid piece of wood, plus the lid and has a matte finish (unlike the other urns, which have a urethane finish), however a shiny urethane finish can be applied by request.

Note: The urn you receive will be a signed original piece of art. The image shown here is meant to be a representation of the style. Your one-of-a-kind urn will vary slightly from the image due to natural variations in the wood. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.