Each Urn is Like a Thumbprint 


7033599When you purchase an urn from Appalachia Urns or from most hand-crafted artists
each item is “unique & special”.  Wood-turned urns are much like a “thumbprint”, no two are alike. We do not remove natural occurrences in the wood such as small markings, spalting, small cracks that were part of the growth of the tree, lines created by insects, mineral deposits in the wood (things that would not affect the functionality or longevity of the product). It is that same thumbprint that makes each product truly one of a kind with its own character.  Each hand-crafted item is as unique as the loved one you are memorializing.  Each piece is special!  You do not get this individuality when your product comes off of  “an assembly line”.   Retail cost for hand-crafted items are not necessarily any higher than an assembly line product, as the mark up on those urns at most funeral homes is quite considerable.  This is another good reason to purchase an item as special as an urn from an independent artist or a funeral home that supports local artisan.  Shop wisely for this special purchase.