Cremation Urns For Two

9114948Companion urns are a beautiful way to co-mingle cremains.   These are commonly used by couples.  These urns are larger in size than a standard urn.  Standard urns are typically/approximately 200 cubic inch capacity, whereas a companion urn is more like 300 to 450 cubic inch.  Urn sizes can vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Some companion urns have dividers and the ashes are side by side, others are one vessel where ashes are combined.  This is typically the style made by Appalachia Urns.  The Elegance style urn pictured was an order we did for a family who wanted a companion urn.  This is one solid piece of cherry wood plus the lid, combined with black lacquer for the stripe and lid, finished in a high quality urethane to preserve the wood.   This particular urn measured 10 x 11 inches, approx. 425 cubic inch capacity and was ordered to fit into a specific niche.   Sometimes, couples will purchase these urns together in advance and have a “say so” in their own choice.  Companion urns are another option to consider.