Calculating the Right Urn Size

What Size Urn is Needed For a Person or Pet?

Though this can be a sensitive subject, it is one that an individual shopping for an urn would want to be aware of to assist in making the proper urn size selection.

If you are not in the funeral/cremation business it is likely one would not know what size urn is needed for what size person or pet.  More and more people are shopping for urns outside the funeral homes and crematories to have a greater selection and more unique choices.  In this case, it is important to understand urn sizing for your needs.

Urns come in various shapes and sizes, but when shopping for an urn you will hear the term “cubic inch capacity”.  This is how remains/ashes are measured.

It is really a fairly simple rule of thumb. One pound of body weight yields one cubic inch of ash.  The size of the urn is basically the size of the deceased.  Approximate weight person or pet is the approximate urn size needed.   A 100 pound person would require a 100 cubic inch capacity urn to comfortably accommodate their ashes.

If one wanted to get very technical, it is really the amount of bone and bone density of a person which really constitutes the ashes, as organs, tissue, fat and fluids burn away during the cremation process.  Again, the basic calculations above are quite suitable in most cases by using ones weight to determine urn size.

An urn cannot be too large, but it can be too small.  Sometime larger urns than needed are purchased because aesthetically that appealed to the buyer and that is fine.  However if dealing with too small of an urn size all ashes may not fit, thus presenting a problem.

At times ashes are divided among family members, other times some of the ashes are spread, whereas smaller keepsake size urns are then suitable.

In the world of urns it is staid that “the standard” urn for an adult is 200 cubic inch capacity.   Evaluating your individual functional needs when buying an urn is important.

We hope this has been a helpful and educating article to offer more ease during this often emotional decision.


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