About Hand-Crafted Work

latheHand-Crafted work is a combination of skill, talent, craftsmanship and passion.  It has a bit of an old timey workmanship feel to it. This type of work is somewhat becoming a lost art in our culture with the ease and low cost of mass produced items.Sure, if you are buying a hair brush, trash can or other “everyday items”, it makes sense to buy from your local department store. However, when it comes to the purchase of something to commemorate and honor your loved one, such as an urn, it is nice to take the time to find something a bit more special.

Each Appalachia Urn is crafted by wood-turning artist Robert Woods and takes about 12 hours per urn.  Smoky Mountain native hardwoods are carefully selected then turned on a wood lathe, soaked in stabilizer, worked on some more on the lathe, then sanded and finished with a high urethane to preserve wood.  Each piece is unique and a signed original.

Robert puts his heart, soul and creativity into each piece.  Being inspired to make urns, he calls these “Sacred Art Objects”.   Each piece is as unique as the individual you are memorializing.

It has been very special and fulfilling to assist families and funeral homes during this deeply felt time and to provide them with compassion and quality product and service.

Many individuals who buy an Appalachia Urn say things like:  “My loved one appreciated art, so this is very fitting”, and the like.  We also receive many comments about how our customers appreciate our compassion and sensitivity during this challenging time.

We hope that you will give us and other artists the opportunity to serve you and in doing so you will support hand-crafted, quality work.