Why Choose Cremation Over a Traditional Burial?

Cremation is becoming a more popular option for many people. The reasons are varied, but here are a few benefits:

  • The thought of spending eternity in a sentimental location is more preferential than a cemetery burial.  This could include a special place such as a yard at home, or a place where many happy times have been spent, or a mountain or lake location.
  • Cremation provides for a compact size of the remains. Urns come in many different styles and can be designed for in the home or in the garden, on the mantle or the gazebo.
  • Cremation is less expensive than traditional burial. Depending on what part of the country you live in, cremation averages about a third of the cost of a traditional funeral with embalmed body and casket.
  • Cremation is much friendlier to the environment especially without the chemicals that are used in embalming. You can also purchase urns that are made from recycled materials such as wood.

For many years cremation was not considered appropriate disposal of  human remains by certain religious institutions. Many religious views have changed and the number of cremations has increased.

Choosing cremation is a very personal decision, and making an educated decision is available with pre-planning and education.

Source: old blog